The starter kit for a zero waste bathroom

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If you could swap out just ONE of your bathroom items for one of these babies, which would it be?

After committing to taking my reusable bags to the grocery story every trip (and then forgetting regularly until it became habit), reassessing all the single-use plastic in my bathroom was the next big step. Easiest swaps—toothbrush, razor & bar soap. Hardest swaps—toothpaste and deodorant. I still haven’t found a zero-waste toothpaste alternative I can get behind (I’m just too spoiled with the overly minty kind and the simple baking soda kind hasn’t quite cut it) and I’m in the process of swapping to a “natural” deodorant now in a less wasteful container (if I smell, you know why). Starting this Instagram has reminded me of what else I can work to reduce, while also showing me how much I’ve improved upon over the last few years. Being a conscious consumer and overthrowing all the habits you’ve been given by your forefathers is hard work, but it’s the kind of challenge I want in my life.

Thoughts? Opinions? Your “change the world” challenges? Share them in the comments below so we can chat it up.

Cheers ✌️ . . . . .

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