Blogette: Margaritas and reflection

Margaritas + Metal Straws = Good Smiles
When I say I’m enthusiastic about sustainability, I mean it. It’s funny, though, because I’m not really a typical outdoorsy person nor was a fan of biology in school. I think what drives me to opt for the low-impact lifestyle has to do with a combination of logic and genuine love for the greatest parts of humanity. Whenever I’m incredibly filled with joy, I’m reminded of how fragile that feeling is. If we don’t take care of the resources we have that keep us alive, one day there will no longer be an opportunity for more people to be as happy as I’ve gotten the chance to be. Plus, turtles are the cutest and I’m ready for them to stop being injured by something as unreasonably harmful as plastic. ⠀⠀

Who out there is a real-life outdoorsy person and can tell me firsthand how awesome it is to basically live in the wilderness?

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